Price : $70.00
Brand : Benicci

Benicci Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag – Speedy Zipper for Faster Lawn Cleanup – Durable Lawn Leaf Bag Made to Avoid Tearing from Surface Drag – Suitable for All Lawn Tractors

After getting fed up with the existing lawn tractor leaf bags that get you to
remove the bag every single time you had to empty it… we decided to
create our own leaf bag with our speedy zipper that allows you to simply
unzip and throw away the leaves without having to go through the hassle
of taking it off and putting the bag on again.

Made for Beginners and Experienced Operators
It’s simple and straightforward to use that anyone can use it. No long
manuals or complicated steps.

Set Up Within Seconds
Simply slip it over the tractor hood and fasten it using the cord locks in a
matter of seconds.

Speedy Zipper for Fast Emptying
Once the bag is full, simply unzip the bag and let all the leaves out. Then
zip it up back again and go for another round if you need to.
Suitable for Lawn Tractors of All Shapes and Sizes
Because of the way we’ve made our bag you can place it over any lawn
tractor and fasten it according to your tractor’s size.

Traps Dust to Avoid Making a Mess
Keep your clothes and surfaces dust free.

Durable Against Surface Drag to Avoid The Bag from Ripping
One of the most common issues we hear about are leaf bags ripping apart
due to it dragging on the floor. This bag is made from a durable polyester
material to avoid this exact issue.

Allows Airflow to Avoid Bag From Filling Up With Air
Our leaf bag allows air to escape so you can fill up more leaves instead of

Storage Bag Available to Store the Leaf Bag with Maximum Hygiene
A bag for the bag! Fold it and store it away in our hygienic storage bag for
the next time you need it.

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