Price : $9.99
Brand : Fannel

Garden Pebbles, Glow Stones Rocks, Luminous Pebbles for Walkways Outdoor Decor Aquarium Fish Tank Garden Decorative Stones for Path Lawn Yard Walkway(100pcs)


Shine in the dark

Safely and Eco-friendly

Outdoor Decoration for Garden Patio Lawn

Colorful lights

Guarantee and notice

 How do you make them glow?

No Electricity Required 

First, irradiate them for 2 or 3 hours in the sun or under a bright light.

They will then automatically glow in the dark. If you irradiate them in the stronger light for longer time, they will glow stronger and longer. 

After being in the sun all day, you will have a lovely glowing yard or garden at night. 

Put them in your room, after pull down the curtain and turn off the light, you will see them glow softly in the dark, you will get a fairy night.


After absorbing enough sun or light, the pebbles will glow for 3-6 hours. 

As the pebbles can glow only for 3-6 hours, so please check the glowing effect within 3-6 hours after leaving the light source.


Keep away from children for chocking hazard.

These pebbles are soft glow and will hard to notice glow in the area that the ambient light level.

Start glow as soon as the stones are no longer absorbing light, if they don’t glow or not bright, it is possible that the stored light maybe exhausted.


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