GIGALUMI Turtle Garden Figurines Outdoor Decor, All-Weather Resin Succulent Plants with 7 LEDs Outdoor Solar Statues for Garden、Lawn、Patio、Yard、Garden、Path、Walkway or Driveway.

This cute turtle figurines is easier to be placed in many areas of your garden or patio, being a adorable decor to increase a lively atmosphere

1.Push the OFF switch to ON. (this light has a light sensor, it will light up at the sun down)
2.Charge it more than 8h by solar energy.

LED: 7 Leds
Material: Resin
Charging time: 8 hours
Size: 11.61″ W x 7.48″H
Working time: Light up 10h in summer and 5h in winter after fully charge.

1. When you charging the light ,need to make sure the switch in the “ON” place.
2. Please charge the light for 10 hours under the sunlight before the first using.
3. If there is no strong sunlight or during the winter it may take longer time to full charge the device.
4. Please keep a certain distant between each solar lights and place it away from the area which is bright.
5. Please don’t let it covered by the leaf or branch, or it can’t absorb solar energy or will light up at daytime.
6. For safety please use it far from fire.
7. Do not touch the surface of solar panel with any hard material.
8. You can check the operation of the light by simply covering the upper surface of the solar panel. The light will activate automatically once turn on.

If you have any doubts about using the products, please email us.
Immediate after-sales service will be provided if the item is damaged.


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