Price : $7.25
Brand : FashionABC

Halloween Decoration Decor Posable Skeleton – Luminous Noctilucent Life Size Plastic Skeleton, Outdoor Crazy Scary Hanging Props, Under 10$ 9$ Clearance

Are you ready for decorating your house before the Halloween´╝č

👉This skeleton is perfect for a halloween party, indoor and outdoor props.
👉Create wicked-looking windows or doors with ease thanks to this skeleton Decoration.
👉Just let it hang in front of your windows, tree or doors and you can see the fluorescent effect in the dark, do the rest to create a haunting atmosphere you’ll love.

Happy Halloween

👻In the yard or garden to create a retro graveyard or hang it on a tree wall or door to swing like a ghoul in the wind.
👻Impress the kids or your adult guests or figures that visit your hallowed ground or haunted abode.


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