Price : $9.99
Brand : – 100 Live Red Wigglers – Composting Red Worms – Live Delivery Guaranteed – Same Day Shipping!!! Vermicomposting Garden Red Wrigglers – Eisenia Fetida – Worm Farm

HomeGrownWorms Is Your #1 Pick for Live Worms – Here’s Why…

   1) Family Owned and Operated Farm!
       HomeGrownWorms is a Family Owned Worm Farm that Always Guarantees the health of your worms! Some other “worm companies” are simply “drop shippers / worm dealers” and not actual worm farms!

   2) Hand Sorted Worms!
        We’ve found that hand sorting worms is much less stressful on the worms and allows a far greater chance of you receiving your worms alive. It is more work, but you and your worms deserve it!

   3) 100+ Live Red Wigglers – Guaranteed!
        Because of our processes, we can Guarantee that you will receive at least as many worms as you’ve ordered… and they will be Alive!

   4) Same Day Shipping!
       Because worms are alive, we’re not able to ship via “prime”, but we do match this fantastic service. We will ship your worms the day you order them (as long as ordered before noon MST, Weekends and Holidays Excluded) and your worms will generally arrive within 2 – 3 Days!!! No need to pay high expediting fees – simply order with standard shipping and get ready for your worms to arrive at your door. NOTE: We generally ship USPS – if this doesn’t work for you, please let us know and we will accommodate.

Order Today! These composting machines are Great for your Garden, Flowers, Predator Pet Feed, Worm Farms, and Compost!

    Organic and Fun! Stop using Harmful Fertilizers and Create your own Nutrient Rich Vermicompost Today! Order Now!


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