Price : $12.49
Brand : KNASI

KNASI Bonsai Tree Tools Kit, Succulent Bonsai Tool Starter Kits, Mini Garden Tools, Indoor Gardening Tools Set 8 pcs -Include Pruner, Scissors, Mini Rake, Bud, Cleaning Brush & Leaf Trimmer (1 Set)

Every one who cares for a bonsai tree ,you could use this bonsai tree starter kit to keep them clean and clipped. The shovel and spade are useful for spreading or layering soil; the bonsai tweezers for removing fallen leaves; the pruning scissors tools are sharp and effective ,are good for trimming small shoots while the scissors can handle small, new-growth branches; the little brush is perfect for sweeping soil off the leaves and making your plants look beautiful again.
This mini garden tools set comes with a bag to keep everything together so that you will not looking for where certain tools went.
This is an excellent gardening tools kit of bonsai / succulent tools for the beginner .
It’s also a great small gardening tool set by which to introduce young children to the joy of indoor gardening.
Being miniature garden accessories, You can’t ask for more of bonsai tree growing kit.
If you are small-pot gardening family – bonsai, succulents, herb, or other plants – this garden kit is well worth your money.
This is the perfect gardening gifts for your friends and the love one.

Pls note:
There is some oil on top of the pruning scissors to keep it from rusty.
Clean after every use, pat dry and lightly oil.

Package Includes:

2X 4.3 Inch /11cm Pruning scissors
1 X 5.9 in/ 15cm Scissor
1 X 6.7 in/ 17cm wooden rake
2 X 7.5 in/ 19cm wooden spades
1 X 6.5 in/ 16cm Stainless Steel tweezers
1 X 5.3in/ 13.5cm wooden cleaning brush


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