Price : $13.99
Brand : Livin' Well

Livin’ Well Bird Repellent Reflective Owl Decoy – Bird Deterrent, Woodpecker Deterrent, Owl Scarecrow and Fake Owl Bird Repellent Devices to Scare Birds Away (2 Pk)

Don’t be fooled by their looks, these reflective owl decoys and bird deterrent devices easily frighten birds from the porch, the deck, the garden, and beyond. Hang the bird repellent devices in the sun and protect your outdoor space from those bothersome birds, pigeons, crows, woodpeckers and hawks! These fake owl bird deterrent products are waterproof and tough enough to use in all seasons; these reflective bird repellents scare birds away, even crows, woodpeckers, and seagulls. Each holographic bird repellent owl scarecrow comes with 2 jingling bells to help scare away not just birds, but squirrels, mice and small rodents. Be sure to hang the bird scare devices away from walls or branches so they can keep birds away and chime in style. Out with the old bird deterrent tape and reflective bird decals, in with these reflective owl decoys and bird repellent devices! These holographic fake garden owls to scare birds catch the sun when they move and are great sparkly bird d├ęcor for your outdoor living space. Whatever your bird problem is, these reflective bird prevention owl decoys work as a grackle deterrent, pigeon deterrent and more. Get more bird control when you hang these bird reflectors in windows, eaves, garden posts and outdoor spaces.


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