Price : $70.29

MARASTAR 21428 Radial 18×8.50-8 Rear Tire Assembly Replacement for John Deere Riding Mowers, Black

This radial 18×8.50-8 air filled (pneumatic) rear tire & wheel assembly is the perfect replacement for John Deere riding mowers with 18×8.50-8 rear tires (Check your existing tires sidewall). you don’t need to change out an old tube or visit a professional tire shop, simply replace the entire old or damaged tire & wheel assembly with this one. Marastar’s easy to install replacement comes with a radial tubeless 4-Ply rated tire with turf master tread pre-mounted on yellow powder-coated steel wheel with a 4/4 (4-Lug) bolt pattern. Tire repair & replacement made easy make this the practical tire & wheel solution for John Deere mowers with 18×8.50-8 rear tires.


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