Price : $960.00
Brand : Nature's Head

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle by Nature’s Head

NO RISK PURCHASE!! Full refunds available, no questions asked. All sellers have exactly the same price, but I am the only seller offering TOLL FREE PERSONAL TELEPHONE SUPPORT. I ONLY sell composting toilets and can advise you HONESTLY if this is a good solution for you. I DO NOT SELL hardware, solar panels, fishing gear or anything else – I am the composting toilet expert. You can call me toll free anytime at 1-888 361 0014. I guarantee your 100% satisfaction with this product. NO RISK purchase!!! This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer – not a reseller. It is covered by the full 5 year warranty. Nature’s Head is the best solution for the difficult problem of marine or RV sanitation. Also ideal for small cottages or a guest room. You eliminate the costly, complex, space consuming and inconvenient holding tank/ septic system. Never again will you have to search for a pump out station. The Nature’s Head is easy to install, use and maintain. There is no odor. It holds about 60-80 uses – which could easily last two people the entire summer without emptying. The end result is organic compost – not raw sewage. Wired for 12 volts. Optional wall adapter available, and other accessories.


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