Price : $22.99
Brand : Ohuhu

Ohuhu Stand Up Weeder with 3 with Stainless Steel Claws, 39″ Long Aluminum Alloy Pole Manual Ruderal Remover Weed Puller Hand Tool with High Strength Foot Pedal

Why spend more time that you need to weeding your garden? Either you’re stuck using chemicals that are bad for you and your family, or you have to juggle a half dozen different tools just to get the job done. Thankfully there’s a better way! Save time and your back with the Ohuhu 3-claw weed and root puller, which lets you stand while you weed instead of painful bending and kneeling. Built with a lightweight aluminum alloy shaft and an indestructible stainless-steel claw, operation is as simple as dig, twist and release! Just thrust the claw into the center of the weed, twist the hand grip to yank the weed, and let it go with the release grip. Whatever ruderal are invading your garden, this time-saver tool takes care of dandelions, thistles, and all manner of invasive plants. Get the beautiful garden you’ve always wanted in half the time with Ohuhu!


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