Price : $49.49
Brand : Power Planter

Power Planter 100% USA Made 3″x24″ Extended Length Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger w/ 3/8″ Hex Drive

Our Extended Length Bulb Auger is great for professional landscapers to increase the speed of planting bulbs and 3-inch potted plants. It’s also ideal for post hole digging and planting bare root trees or shrubs. This bit works wonders as a sand and beach umbrella auger. It makes installing beach volleyball poles or boring holes under sidewalks for irrigation lines easier and more efficient. The bulb auger features a 3-inch diameter and 24″ length. It also features 12 inches of tough, 10-gauge flighting on a strong, 5/8-inch shaft made completely from steel. Equip your auger to fit a 3/8-inch or a 1/2-inch drill chuck. For tougher soil conditions like sand, clay, and loose, rocky material, add a heavy duty tip made from military-grade abrasion resistant material. *Drill is not included


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