Brand : Radius Garden

Radius Garden 103-Orange Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Cultivator, Orange (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Discover garden tools in contrast to any you may have ever held earlier than. The Radius Garden Pure Radius Grip backyard tools were designed using the most present analysis into human elements and tool usage. The patented Pure Radius Grip maximizes your power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. Traditional backyard instruments force you to use your palms and wrists in a method that can lead to accidents. The curve of the grip matches the curve of the palm of your hand. This allows you to grasp the tools with your wrist in a secure, neutral place in any respect angles of attack. This maximizes power and comfort while minimizing wrist and hand stress. The large grips on Radius tools will let you hang the tool securely without exerting pressure and wasting precious power. The blades are fabricated from die-forged aluminum and are polished and are lighter weight than conventional garden tools. The blades are similar in energy to steel. The advanced ergonomic design must make gardening easier and extra relaxing. This precision software is right for hand tilling soil and dealing in tight areas and scraping away weed seedlings. Its uniquely formed and angled tines attain into the soil for deeper penetration. (Discontinued by using Producer)


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