Price : $17.99
Brand : scuddles

Scuddles Lawn Shoes NEW 2019 – 3 Straps Heavy Duty Spike Aerating Sandals for SOI – Airators for Lawns – Outdoor Aerator – Lawn Airrators Shoes – Yard Aireators

Don’t wait until it’s TOO LATE! Buy Now before FREE OFFER EXPIRES! LAWN AERATOR FOR ONLY A LIMITED TIME* Don’t wait until it’s TOO LATE! Air and water are vital for a lush, stately lawn. Give your yard some much needed TLC with the aerator shoes! The aerator shoes are a gardening tool, unlike any other. They’ll break up compact soil, maximize airflow and water absorption, and increase your lawn’s health. To use your aerator shoes, stand on the sturdy plastic base, and buckle the shoes to your feet with the 4 adjustable straps and an additional heel elastic strap. Once you’ve secured the aerator shoes, walk around as you normally would! It’s as simple as that. Twenty-six heavy-duty spikes will pierce the ground as you go — just make sure that you cover the entire length of your lawn or garden. Thanks to Ohuhu, the yard of your dreams is a few steps away. Notes: Wearing the lawn aerator shoes while barefoot is not recommended. The spikes may cause injuries. During your first use, take small steps to test out the shoes. Once you’re comfortable, walk around as you normally would. We recommend irrigating your lawn before using the aerator shoes. GET YOURS TODAY! ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE )


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