Price : $9.99
Brand : Teal Turtle

Teal Turtle Professional Fruit Picker Basket

Hit the orchards well prepared this year with this extremely handy fruit picker basket and let this be your easiest harvesting season yet! By incorporating this lightweight fruit picker basket into your routine, you will save time and energy. The durable basket is ideal for repetitive use with minimum fatigue. Don’t let your hands or arms tire out after a short amount of time; use the fruit picker basket to assist in gently pulling fruit off without damaging the fruit or the tree. Leave your ladder at home! This fruit picker can easily attach to any standard household pole allowing you to pick fruit in even the most hard to reach places (pole is not included). Ideal for fruits that are larger than two inches in diameter including, apples, oranges, pears, figs, avocados, lemons, kiwis, mangoes, guavas, nectarines, plums, papayas, and much more!


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