Price : $299.99
Brand : WORX

WORX WG958 14” 40V (4.0AH) WG779 Cordless Lawn Mower and WG547.9 Power Share Cordless Turbine Blower

The WORX WG779 40V 14″ Mower with INTELLICUT technology is no ordinary mower – it gives you double the power.
It’s twice as nice with twin 20V Power Share batteries for a guaranteed great cut – every time.

Go the distance with up to 5,500 sq. ft on a single charge. A green light indicator lets you know how much time you have left, so you know when to switch out your battery. Plus, INTELLICUT technology lets you choose the torque you need – all with the turn of a knob. Choose the cutting power depending on your lawn’s length and thickness.

This smart, powerful mower is also surprisingly lightweight, compact and foldable, so you can take or store it anywhere.

The WORX 20V Max Lithium Power Share Cordless TURBINE Blower blows out a 60 mph or 75 mph, depending on which speed setting you’re using, and it spins out 225 CFM or 360 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air volume.

You might want to go full speed all the time, but lower power actually performs better on hard surfaces like the sidewalk or driveway than full power-who knew? (our engineers, did.) The Overmold rubber grip gives you comfortable, one-handed control of the 5.7 lbs. body, and the Hyper-Stream nozzle lets you direct all that power where you need it.

The included 20V Max Lithium batteries and charger gives you freedom from the cord and can be used on any other WORX 20V tool in the Power Share family.


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